A Walking Gratitude Magnet

Have you ever noticed that it's impossible to be scared, anxious, or stressed at the same time as grateful? Our minds literally can't hold both feelings at once; you have to focus on one or the other.

And if you have the option to focus on something that's making you worry, particularly something you have little control over, wouldn't you rather notice all the excellent things around you instead?

I'm raising my hand for this one. I'll have Gratitude with a side of Presence, please. And fries.

Any time I catch myself worrying about the future or reliving some embarrassing moment from the past, I take a minute to think of three things, or often three people, I'm grateful to have in my life.

Easy ones are my loving partner, my goofball cats, and the fact that I have my own business. Once I recalibrate with those, I often switch to something more immediate like an excellent client conversation, accomplishing a task I was putting off, or taking a break to surf YouTube.

Remembering to take a break is definitely something to celebrate.

In the spirit of organizing, I want to give you an assignment today. It's kind of a combo between a walking meditation and a gratitude list.

Start at your front door and take a tour of your home, stopping at every area or item that makes you feel comfort, love, joy, nostalgia, excitement, etc.

It's easy to focus on the things we don't like or that aren't working.

Today, I challenge you to make a conscious effort to notice and appreciate the things that are working in your home.

Maybe it's the easy flow and arrangement of your furniture, your favorite color or texture, a system you're particularly proud of. Whatever you can sense that lights you up, it counts!

If you're woo-woo like me and enjoy a relationship slant to the exercise, you can pull a Marie Kondo and literally thank the item (in your head is okay) for being so good at serving its purpose and bringing convenience into your life.

It feels silly at first, but pay attention to how you feel about the item after you thank it. Does it have a different feel? Look lighter or brighter or crisper?

Notice how the rooms look when you put this much attention and energy into seeing them, too. It might even feel like you've never noticed a room or area before.

Once you've completed your loop, list 3 things that you particularly love about your home. Then share them - I'd love to hear them, and so would your loved ones.

Gratitude is contagious. The more you see, the more you attract, and the more you have to share.