Stephanie Linn

Helping you declutter to live better

Tell me if this sounds familiar...


You have an organizing spirit, but your life is so busy that your home has fallen by the wayside.


There's a clash of worlds in your space -- clutter collected from your past that is weighing down your present.


You're looking for the right professional organizer to help return your home to the welcoming place you envision.


That's exactly why I created Find Your Tidy, to take you from overwhelmed and stuck to empowered and satisfied.


I'm here to help you:


  • Breathe easier

  • Share your space without stress or embarrassment

  • Enjoy your belongings – not fight against them


You can make lasting changes in your life by stepping into your ability to make decisions and let go of clutter that doesn't belong.


Here's how you'll know if I'm the right organizer for your goals:

You're looking for someone who...

  • Has an eye on the big picture and understands where you want to go

  • Can break the process into small, easy-to-handle steps

  • Won't judge or push you to make tough decisions before you're ready

  • Offers suggestions to fit your personal style and preferences, not someone else's

  • Keeps it positive and cheers you on

  • Loves to teach and share resources and tips

If this sounds a lot like you, I'd love to be your guide, accountability coach, and companion on this rewarding journey.



I help smart, creative, eclectic people like you to clear your clutter - literally and figuratively. Between my personal and professional experiences with organizing, I have a wealth of techniques and ideas to help you sidestep overwhelm, create practical systems, and build a space that reflects your core values.


The thing about being a curious observer of your inner and outer worlds is that it’s easy to get caught in thought loops about your things - like that journal you half-filled, the IPhone photos you’re sure you’ll put into a book this year, or those thriller novels you’ve been meaning to read - since you bought them.


Being surrounded by unfinished business takes up time and energy, not just space.

What if you gave yourself permission to take a second look at things you may have kept out of habit? What if you could create a home that restores you at the end of the day, a home that gives you energy instead of taking more of it? What could your life look like without more to-dos?

I asked myself these same questions and discovered that the answers can be literally life-changing.

Resonate with you? Let’s have a conversation and see if I can help you change your life by clearing your physical (and matching mental) clutter.