Hi, I'm Steph!

An organizer, entrepreneur, writer, and coach helping you define and live out your values in your personal space.

I help smart, creative, eclectic people like you to clear your clutter - literally and figuratively. Between my personal and professional experiences with organizing, I have a wealth of techniques and ideas to help you sidestep overwhelm, create practical systems, and build a space that reflects your core values.


The thing about being a curious observer of your inner and outer worlds is that it’s easy to get caught in thought loops about your things - like that journal you half-filled, the IPhone photos you’re sure you’ll put into a book this year, or those thriller novels you’ve been meaning to read - since you bought them.


Being surrounded by unfinished business takes up time and energy, not just space.

What if you gave yourself permission to take a second look at things you may have kept out of habit? What if you could create a home that restores you at the end of the day, a home that gives you energy instead of taking more of it? What could your life look like without more to-dos?

I asked myself these same questions and discovered that the answers can be literally life-changing.

Resonate with you? Let’s have a conversation and see if I can help you change your life by clearing your physical (and matching mental) clutter.

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