Have you been avoiding an area of your home or a project that's been sitting around for weeks, months... years?


If you're ready to finally tackle that organizing goal, join me and other tidiers on a 6-week journey to do the thing - whatever your thing is.

In this 6-week guided program, we're going to have:


  • Weekly guidance / Q&A calls where you can get the encouragement, ideas, and support you need to complete your goal.

  • A 1-hour planning session with me, so you know right away what goal is going to work for your 6-week program, and how to accomplish it.

  • Resources and guided exercises to help you break through obstacles.

  • Accountability with a community of likeminded tidiers - you don't have to do it alone!

Sound like a good idea? Click the button below to sign up.

In addition to these great resources, here are some bonus reasons to get involved:

  • 10% ($30) of your purchase will go to Children's Hunger Alliance, an Ohio non-profit that helps get food to hungry kids in need. During the pandemic and the crazy school situation, kids who rely on their school for healthy food need this help more than ever. You'll be directly contributing to helping kids get the healthy food they need.

  • The program price is $297 for 7 weeks of content and support (with an intro week). For less than $50 / week, you're making an investment in yourself and a commitment to follow through on something you may have been avoiding for a long time.

    That's less than a weekly Hello Fresh delivery - and we know some of that usually goes bad in the fridge.

  • For less than $50 / week you're getting guidance and advice from a pro. This is well under my 1:1 hourly organizing rate ($75 / hr), and you get the benefit of my expertise plus extra help and support from others. Win-win!

  • You get a 14-day, money-back guarantee. Try the first week and join me for our first call, and if you don't like it, I'll refund the entire cost for you.

    There's no risk here because I want this to be an empowering experience, not another stressor.


  • It's only 6 weeks. That's enough time to really make a lasting impact in your space and your mental health, and not so long that it becomes a slog.

    The program ends right before Thanksgiving, so you can celebrate your progress with gratitude.


I understand if this isn't the right time for you to complete a program like this.

We're all busy, and 2020 has been one for everyone's personal record books.

But if you've been looking for a reason and the support to make a change in your space for the better, I'd love to see you in the program.

Hop in, and let's get organizing!

(614) 706-6509

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