Personalized guidance to get and stay organized

Forget the magic wand, how about the whole decluttering fairy godmother?

I get it. You're fed up and ready for your home to be tidy and organized - once and for all. Look no further! I'm here to help you declutter and organize your home just the way you like it so you never have to start organizing at square one again.

Too good to be true, you say? I've got a secret weapon up my sleeve that will save your precious time, money, and energy so you can stop dreading cleaning time on the weekends and start making room for more cozy movie nights, more walks with the pup, more weekend road trips. More of what you love.

About Find Your Tidy

Hi, I'm Steph!


I'm a Certified KonMari Consultant & professional organizer, so I'm like the Mr. Clean of decluttering. With way more hair.


I help you sort out the gems from the junk so you can stop spinning your wheels and start getting shit done.


So about that (passive-)aggressive cleaning you do? And the frantic stashing before guests show up?

Wouldn't you rather wake up to a clean house with clear surfaces? Wouldn't you like to binge-watch guilt-free? What if you could snooze that alarm (or delete it!) because you have time for sleeping in and snuggling?

It's not too good to be true. You can have that stuff and more. Trust me. Let's do this.